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KOH Evaporator

KOH Evaporator


KOH Evaporator process description

This unit is 205 U.S. tons per 24-hour day caustic potash evaporation system. The system will concentrate a KOH solution from 30 % by wt. KOH to 50.5 % by wt. KOH. The 205 TPD rate is on a 100% KOH basis and includes a 5% catch up capacity for mechanical downtime.

The system is based on a doble effect, forward feed, circulated falling film, evaporator. It includes the use of vapor bodies, seam chests, condensate tanks, circulation pumps, preheater, cooler, surface barometric condenser, hot well, air ejectors, vapor ducting, product transfer pumps and any additional equipment necessary for a complete system.


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